My teaching experience and interests lie on the cross roads of interaction design, visual communication and relevant aspects of cognitive psychology, industrial design and technology. Diversity of knowledge is my core strength and over the past 17 years, I have developed numerous modules and two new design majors/courses. The following are some teaching modules i have developed and taught since 2000.

  • Graphic design thinking and research

  • User interface and experience design

  • User Experience Design

  • >Digital Media Project Management

  • Physical Interaction Design

  • Digital Photography and Imaging (Visual culture)

  • Designing Content for New Media

  • Information visualisation and communication

  • Interactive Media design

  • Principles of Visual Communication

  • Contemporary issues in digital media

  • Theories of Visual Communication

  • Design and creative thinking

  • Collaborative design

  • Introduction to design history

  • Industrial design 1, 2 and 5